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About us, our History, Philosphy and Core Values



 The 5 Star Mobile Dj Company was created in the fall of 2010.  We are based out of Connecticut (Fairfield/New Haven County), and provide Dj services for Weddings located within a 90-mile radius.  After years of observing other local Corporate Dj Companies around the area, and noticing their need to choose quality over quantity, i.e., booking hundred’s of wedding clients a year but offering a much lesser quality of a service, we at 5 Star decided to adapt to a completely opposite approach. We steer away from the corporate “cheesic, teeny bopper, comedic, bubble gum”  themes and provide a service of Quality, Elegance, Class, and Style.  We strive to be the ultimate sophistication in Dj Services in our area, while keeping the “fun” aspect in all that we do.  We choose Quality over Quantity as we keep our staff low but our standards high.  Our main specialty is Weddings, and we won’t just Dj any other type of social gathering just to earn your business.  We chose only the best on our team, and each member is fully aware and adheres to our Core Values:

 Simplicity- Using the philosophy of the late great Steve Jobbs & the Apple Corporation, we believe that                   “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication.”  We keep our packages and contracts simple, with no hidden fees or no confusing add ons.  Everything down to our Dj set up is simple, elegant and stylish.

Elegance- We steer away from the sometimes tasteless, cheesic, teeny bopper feel you’ll find with most corporate Dj companies in the area.  We won’t dress up in any funny suites or heckle your guests with comedic humor into joining the dance floor.  We offer a sense of simplicity, elegance, and style while at the same time,

providing you and your guests with fun, clean, musical entertainment.


 Communication- It is extremely important to us that you are able to reach us at a moments notice.  We make sure we are easily accessible, whether it be E-Mail, cell phone, or text message.  We develop personal, professional relationships with each client and we make it extremely easy to reach us.

 Integrity-  Honesty and Integrity are important to us.  We will not tell you we provide services that we really aren’t capable of providing just to earn your business. Nor will you ever be surprised by a hidden fee, or additional costs at any point that we didn’t tell you about.  We avoid this by providing the package prices (and reviews) right on our website for you to see, with no hidden agendas. Our discussions and agreements will hold thru till the end of the occasion.  

 Modernized- We use a more “modernistic” approach to events- especially weddings.  We stay away from traditional styled wedding themes like “The Chicken Dance” and “Musical Chairs”- as this would directly conflict with our motto of elegance and style.  We keep things new and fresh, using expertly mixed music keeping the dance floor packed without the traditional old school themes.  

 “No Pressure” Philosophy-  We can guarantee that as a client, you will NEVER be pressured choosing us or placed in a, “You must sign this by this time”  type of scenario.  In fact, we are so confident in our service that we encourage clients to do some research with other companies and shop around.  You’ll have enough things to worry about with your upcoming wedding or event and we would never want to add anymore.  We are confident in our product and most clients book us within the first 10 minutes of the phone conversation!

 Quality- By no means are we considered a corporate company, and it is not our goal to be one.  We keep staff low- choosing only the best on our team, and our standards extremely high.  In addition, we would rather book 50 weddings of absolute quality, then book 200 weddings of mediocre service (quantity). Our main specialty is Weddings, and only Weddings.  Furthermore, we develop personal, professional relationships with each one of our clients, treating them as a person, rather then just another number.  

 Excellence-  Our goal is to be the absolute best choice for quality, Wedding Dj entertainment in our area.  We are only going to get there by providing you with 100% excellent musical service, and will do that with each and every wedding that we get booked for.  That is our promise.

Thanks for taking your time to read this, it means a lot to us and we hope to hear from you soon!




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